Uncut Emperor Realistic Dildo With Balls 6.75in - Chocolate

Uncut Emperor Realistic Dildo With Balls 6.75in - Chocolate

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- Hand sculpted plushy soft Pure Skin dong
- Ultra life-like moveable foreskin peels back like the real thing
- Sturdy suction cup base
- Maintenance free
- Easy to clean

6.75"/17.25 cm (shaft)
5.5"/14 cm (shaft circumference)

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I was pretty excited walking out with this one. Little patience and lubed it works fantastic. Great toy for a friend to join...

Ursula - August 27 2017

A little difficult

When I was purchasing this, I was hoping that the entire foreskin would move realistically, which it doesn't. But I thought, "that's fine. It'll still feel good." But then I discovered that when inserted, the "foreskin" will bend backwards and fold under itself, creating a really painful lip. So, that isn't super great. It will eventually fix itself but when I first tried it I was really concerned. Other than that, the size is pretty nice (way thicker than I imagined it to be, especially where the foreskin is). But my long distance, un-cut boyfriend loves seeing me suck and fuck this, so it's definitely a lot of fun.

Anonymous - July 13 2015

Fuckin' Hot!

How many dongs do you have that have a foreskin? Me either! This uncut dick does the trick you need to feel the tip satisfy your lust for penetration!

Anonymous - January 15 2015

Feels amazing

Never had more sex fun lately. Rode this huge sucker all night long when i first got it. Amazing feel and material, totally feels like the real thing

Anonymous - January 13 2015

Feels exactly like it

Everyone in Sweden, as far as i know don't have circumcised penises. Took me back to my youth when fooling around was a weekly thing. Feels exactly like the real thing and fills you up to the brim which i love. Great price too for such a well made, durable sex toy!

Anonymous - January 12 2015

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